The Ungettable Joke
A disheartened math teacher and a NASA engineer are dragged by mysterious events into a hilarious hunt for the ultimate joke.


"...This book has a unique premise and I was eagerly turning the pages, waiting to see just how the main characters resolved their quest." -- John Corwin (Author, Amazon and Goodreads Reviewer)

"...compelling to the end... adventurous ... I will read it again." -- Bumper2 (Amazon Reviewer)

"... this may lead you to some deep existential and spiritual explorations. Or it may lead you into uncontrollable laughter."  -- Kevin A. Hicks (Author, Amazon Reviewer)

The Ungettable Joke is a humorous adventure into weird physics, mathematical oddities, and spirituality. Readers tell us they "would like to believe it is true". Well...some of it is, but we chose to call this a work of fiction because of the rest of it -- you can decide what to believe. Thanks for taking a look, --- The Authors.
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